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  • AppModo (

    “Strip Designer comes highly recommended to photography and comic fans everywhere. It is a well rounded photography app that provides high quality end results. With many options to choose from, you simply cannot go wrong with this application. It’s fun, easy to use and a steal for $2.99 at the App Store.”

  • Technewsworld (

    “Strip Designer is a delightful app with a professional feel to it. Once you start turning your digital photos into comics, you'll find it hard to stop playing with this program.”

  • TheiPhoneAppReview (

    “What I like most about Strip Designer is that it offers an extremely full tool set, and doesn’t talk down to its users or dumb any of the tools down because of the platform it’s on. At the same time, because Strip Designer is so streamlined with so many different tools at the users fingertips, it’s still really easy to use. ”

  • AppVee (

    “Overall, if you like doctoring up your photos and adding your own personal touch via speech bubbles, you will love this app.”

  • WhatsoniPhone (

    “The Charles M. Schulz for the next generation need only spare three dollars.”

  • AppAdvice (

    “The finished product is as fun to look at and share as it is to create and therein lies the strength of Strip Designer. With so many features and customizable options, the app provides for a great diversion while creating something that you’ll have a blast sharing with friends. ”

  • MacWelt (
  • (

    “Het sterke punten van deze applicatie zijn de gemakkelijke interface, de vele opties voor opslaan en verzenden en de layout: alles is gemakkelijk in volgorde te doen en elke stap is opgesplitst in duidelijke groepen. Strip Designer zorgt voor heel wat uurtjes fotoplezier.”


    “Lifestrips is worth every penny it costs, and then some. I would pay a couple more bucks for Lifestrips. It's stable, it's easy, it's fun, and for all that I couldn't come up with anything witty for my comic text, I love the look of my comics. Someone with a better imagination than I apparently have could really do fabulous things with this app. I rate it a solid five stars out of five.”

  • Touch Reviews (

    “If you’ve ever wanted to create your own comic strip or simply want to add some creativity to the pictures you’ve taken on your iPhone you can’t go wrong with Lifestrips.#&8221;