Shared iPad

To use Strip Designer with Shared iPad, you have two options:

  1. Manual Setup
  2. Use MDM and a configuration file

Manual Setup

Strip Designer's Shared iPad mode is identical to enabling storage of all data in iCloud. To enable this, go to Settings and enable "Store everything in iCloud". You will have to do this for each user of Strip Designer.

Configuration File

If you configure your devices using MDM (Mobile Device Management), you can normally add a configuration file when installing Strip Designer. You should download and use the following configuration file for shared iPad:


This will place Strip Designer in "Shared iPad" mode, where data is automatically stored in the currently used iCloud account

If Strip Designer has been correctly set up for Shared iPad using configuration files, you'll see the following message in Strip Designer's Settings menu:

Strip Designer is set up for "Shared iPad" and will attempt to store all data in your iCloud account.

Please contact us, if you encounter any issues using "Shared iPad".